3 Uses for an ATV

If you drive around rural areas, odds are you’ll come across a lot of ATVs. ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle, which is kind of like a motorbike except it has four wheels and it can be drive over all sorts of terrain. There are lots of uses for these kinds of vehicles, and some of the things you can use them for are listed below.

  1. Agricultural uses

ATVs were initially invented for agricultural use, so if you own a farm or smallholding, they can be useful for:

  • Ploughing fields
  • Moving stuff around
  • Planting seeds
  • Ploughing snow
  • Getting to remote areas not accessible by car

An ATV can be useful for doing the heavy jobs, and it means that if your usual 4X4 can’t get to certain areas, you don’t have to resort to going on foot.

  1. Off-roading

Off-roading is a fun activity on an ATV. If you’ve always wanted to explore rural areas, but don’t like hiking or biking, then an ATV is a great way to get around. Using a vehicle such as a 2019 Grizzly 350 4WD means you can see more of the countryside and ride in style. Riding an ATV is easy and once you get used to handling it, you can go on longer rides and enjoy the freedom.

  1. Gardening and yard work

Even those with a modest amount of land may find an ATV useful. If you have some wild patches of land that are inaccessible, you can reach them by ATV. You can also add attachments such as a mower, which then make it easy to mow your lawn and do other simple garden jobs. If you want a good all in one vehicle, then an ATV might be a good choice for you and could be surprisingly useful. Some people use them to tow small trailers for camping too, so if you sometimes camp on your land, then it can be a good way of getting to the inaccessible areas for camping.

When it comes to buying and riding an ATV, you may be surprised how many uses these vehicles have. You can use it during the week for farming or jobs around your land, and then, at the weekends, use it for off-roading and fun. ATVs can be an excellent alternative to 4X4s, as they are smaller and fit into compact spaces, and more stable than motorbikes, so most people can ride them easily.

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