Driving Tips: Towing an Off-road Camper Trailer

If you have just obtained a new off-road camper trailer, or maybe you are intending to employ a 4WD camper trailer and you’ve got no towing experience, this short article provides you with a couple of useful pointers. You need to drive securely for any hassle-free camping experience.

Remove Gradually

When you are towing a 4WD camper trailer, always remove gradually. Let your towing-vehicle to advance progressively with the gears. The foremost and second gears provides you with probably the most power when pulling your trailer. When the vehicle and trailer have acquired momentum, then you are liberated to transfer to the greater gears.

Keep The Distance

Towing an off-road camper trailer adds significant additional weight for your vehicle. Once moving, this additional weight plays a role in an elevated momentum. Elevated momentum means:

The automobile will require longer (requiring more distance) to prevent

Sharp turns are magnified and much more hard to correct

To prevent any sort of accident, you need to keep extra distance between yourself along with other vehicles before you. This enables other vehicles to overtake you easily.

Avoid Overtaking

If you are unskilled in towing an automobile, you need to avoid overtaking altogether. Should you must overtake another vehicle, be familiar with your extended length. It’s very essential that you double-check (using rear view and side mirrors) the entire period of your automobile plus camper trailer has transpired another vehicle. Remember, too, that the vehicle’s acceleration power is greatly decreased with the help of a trailer, so you’ll need considerably additional time and distance to effectively overtake any vehicle.

If another driver tries to overtake you, you may be enticed to slow lower and allow them to pass. If that’s the case, you have to avoid applying your brakes too heavily. Should you brake way too hard, you can make the camper trailer to sway, leading to losing control from the trailer. Rather, keep your speed and permit another vehicle to accelerate to overtake you. Keeping left and driving gradually is respectful, which makes it simple for other motorists to overtake you.

Use Low Gear for Slopes

Driving Uphill

When you are losing speed although climbing a hill or slope, change to low gear. Switching to low gear, for example 1st or 2nd, provides you with the ability you have to drag the weighted vehicle in the slope.

Driving Downhill

It is usually better to travel very gradually whenever you must drive downhill towing a camper trailer. Avoid speeding up and steer clear of high gears. Rather, make use of a low gear to manage how well you’re progressing. Driving in low gear also reduces the necessity to apply breaks all of a sudden, that could lead you to come unglued of the trailer.

Drive Securely

Should you follow these fundamental tips, you need to have a safe driving knowledge about your camper trailer. Make sure to follow general road safety advice, for example staying away from alcohol eight hrs before driving rather than driving when tired. It is also smart to alternate motorists if at all possible. If you are traveling on your own and should not alternate driving with someone else, take frequent rest breaks. Drive securely with no doubt you will be rewarded having a happy camper trailer holiday.

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